Content Is King

“There is no point having a steady flow of targeted traffic if your content is weak. You must invest time to strategise useful, interesting and compelling content solutions. Your customers must be engaged or motivated to respond.”


You have less than 8 seconds to be noticed ... STANDOUT AND BE DIFFERENT!

Experienced internet marketing professionals will combine effective Search Engine Optimisation strategies which will provide a steady flow of traffic and creative content solutions will “Stimulate a desire to respond and make contact”. Together they convert traffic into “call to action” leads.

How do you develop website content?

There are some basic steps to consider when developing
creative content solutions and SEO campaigns:

1. Defines your website objectives and goals.
(Conduct a thorough Business Needs Analysis)

2. Understand and research your customer’s needs and how they search for your product or service.

3. Develop a targeted and relevant SEO campaigns which will meet your objectives and goals.

4. Create useful, engaging and compelling content.

5. Focus on value propositions for your customers.

6. Keep your website content current by promote and developing ongoing advertising and marketing concepts.

7. Track, test and then implement any changes.

Why choose a web content writer and developer?

Finding a good content developer and copywriter can save you time and money but more importantly it will ensure you communicate “the right massage’ to the searcher who visits your website.

Most website developers come from a technical or design background. Experienced content developers however come from an advertising and marketing background and possess strong copywriting and language skills. Copywriting is a skill which uses words and language to promote a business, person, idea or opinion. Therefore, choosing a web content copywriter with Search Engine Optimisation skills will deliver a more effective result.

Take the time to plan your SEO content solutions ... it will pay dividends

WATCH OUT FOR - Keyword stuff content

One issue that is affecting the internet and search engine optimisation at the
moment is “keyword stuffed content” which is designed to implement and
construct content purely to manipulate search engines.

Understand that driving relevant traffic to your website is fundamental to your success. However, when a searcher enters your website they need to be engaged and a compelling “user experience” is essential.

Your content needs to be relevant to their search and must be useful, motivating and convincing.

Most importantly, your content must appeal to people

not to a machine or an indexing technology (algorithms).

Professional advertising copywriters (writers) are experienced and they have the skills to evaluate a client’s needs and can write in a way that sells.

There are some differences between a traditional copywriters and a SEO copywriter:

Traditional writers: Have creative writing skills which will motivate, engage and captivate the reader.

  • They invest time for research.
  • They understand and have an interested in the storyline or subject matter.
  • They understand the use of word and language.

SEO writers: Need skills to analyze data, evaluate competition and commercial opportunities then create text and content that will engage and SELL!

  • They also invest time to research.
  • SEO copywriter need to have analytical and marketing skills. Why?
  • They understand how to implement keywords into an SEO structure.
  • They understand the association between words and search engines.

Interestingly, experienced marketers understand that fine writing can also be a distinct disadvantage particularly if you are looking at attracting NEW BUSINESS LEADs? Why?

Because you’re advertising message should always be

brief, clear and convincing.

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