Why is it important to monitor and maintain your website?


Success can be established by staying abreast of theconstant changes particularly the Google algorithm which is fundamental to Search Engine Optimisation. When you consider that, in most cases a well optimised website will drive anywhere between 60% and 80% of traffic to your site from search engines. It is wise to track; test keywords also evaluate competitors and then make appropriate changes to your site.

Throughout 2010, Google performed around 400 changes to their algorithm, in some cases these changes lead to substantial corrections and changes to traffic for some sites. To maintain a competitive edge, efficient and prompt updating is required.

To compete successfully within the Internet Marketing space, businesses today need to understand the importance of how to best track, test and analysing data.

Google Analytics' is an essential and free tracking tool; however, there are many outstanding tracking tools available.

Google Analytics will provide comprehensive statistics like:

  • How many visitors came to your site?
  • The traffic source: Search Engines Direct Referring sites.
  • How they found your site. (keywords)
  • The number of pages viewed
  • The average time spent on your site.
  • What the bounce rate was.
  • How many countries have visited your site?
  • The traffic for each page.
  • Content over view.
  • Browser used to find your site

However, if your website has dropped in ranking dramatically then you know something has gone wrong; this is when a more in-depth evaluation will need to be undertaken. Your tracking tools can give you an insight on what needs to be done to stay ahead of your competition.



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