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"And, when it comes to SEO website design and construction there are 3 basic areas which need to be considered to ensure success and all 3 areas should be incorporated as part of your total package"

1. Website Design & Construction.

A beautifully designed and constructed website without “Search Engine Optimisation” and “Compelling Content” is only half complete.

Your website goals and objectives need to be clearly defined and if you take the time to plan and strategise your online business will pay dividends.

How to find a good website developer and designer?

A website developer with strong technical experience and creative design skills is a vital component. Finding the right website developer can be a difficult process particularly if you have no understanding of the technology and production process. Nevertheless, the choices for business today are abound, here are some questions you need to consider when making your choice:

1. How do I define my website goals and objectives?

2. What kind of website do I want and why? Html, CMS

3. What exactly will the website developer help me with?

4. Do I need outside help and advice building my site?

5. What do I need to contribute towards the websites development?

6. Do I want a brochure style website or do I want a website which can bring me new business through search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN etc?

If you are looking at developing an online business it would be wise to explore the services of Internet marketing professionals who can help you with these questions. It is proven that when you speak with experts in their field of endeavour what is easy for them is difficult for you, they will often show you and advise you on things you wouldn’t have thought about before.


Theoretically, SEO enables the website to pays for itself. The key to Search Engine Optimisation is relevance, traffic,competition and high levels of commerciality.

2. Search Engine Optimisation.


A well researched and well thought-out search engine optimisation strategy will create more traffic. More traffic will mean more sales. More sales will mean a faster return on your investment.

Search engines provide the majority of traffic to websites across the Internet and regardless of your websites core focus, if your site cannot be found and is not properly coded or indexing correctly by the leading search engines then your business can risk developing and launching a very expensive and low performing website.

3. Content, copywriting.

Visitors to your website must be motivated by your content and then persuaded to make contact.

Once you have optimised your website, there is little point driving traffic to your website if the visitor to your website does not encounter a user experience.

Content is not only fundamental to Search Engine Optimisation it is the difference between winning and losing potential new business: Unless you have developed useful, engaging and compelling content your website is again only half complete.

For the majority of small to medium size businesses, the purpose of a website is to generate and win new business and protect their existing clients. Websites cannot survive without traffic, unless there is a steady flow of visitors to convert into customers, particularly early on, the website becomes a financial liability very quickly. It is essential to look at developing search engine optimisation strategies and compelling content in conjunction with building your new website. There are only 10 organic listings which can appear on the front page of Google and early implementation is essential for effective long term ranking.

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