Website's that work

Will show you the money!

Website's that work will show you the money!

An SEO Specialist

Can save your company
Time, money and resources

The skill is in understanding the methodology, techniques and the required applications that will deliver effective results.  An SEO specialist will keep up-to date on new advances and changes to the technology. They are skilled and responsible for accessing keywords, the arrangement and structuring of the website text and content.  This service can be provided as a once of service and the on-going maintenance can be done by the company. However, Search Engine Optimisation is a continuous process and regular assessments and testing is a must. Most of the set up work is done prior to building a website which can be time consuming but fundamental to success.

Generate new business Leads

& build brand awareness.

For the majority of small to medium size businesses the purpose of a website is to generate and win new business. Websites cannot survive without traffic, unless there is a steady flow of visitors to convert into
customers, particularly early on, the website becomes a financial liability very quickly. It is essential to look at developing good content and Search engine optimisation strategies when building your new website or as soon as possible. There are only 10 business listings which can appear on the front page of Google and early implementation will determine your future rankings.

The key to sucess is on-going and regular testing
& assessments

are carried out on the performance of a website and every keyword is evaluated, sometimes the keyword direction can change when tweaking the content, therefore, sudden changes can happen to a pages position.

The key to Search Engine Optimisation is that it theoretically pays for itself.

A well researched and well thought-out Search Engine Optimisation strategy will create more traffic. More traffic means more sales. More sales mean a faster return on your investment.

You will need to be patient as search engine optimisation rarely produces instant results.

and should be seen as a long term investment. It is an economical way of promoting your website and will ensure sustainable results in the long term. Immediate success is possible but unlikely.

How long will it take the search engines to index a keyword/ phrase and obtain a front page position?

Don’t expect to increase organic positioning instantly; it can take months to reposition a website from page 12 to page 1. However, if you are not in a competitive environment then the search engines can give you greater relevance and positioning sooner. New website can take up to 3 months to build trust and a good reputation with the search engine but more often it takes around 6 to 12 months. Promotional features can be valuable and added further relevance.

The step required to produce an effective SEO strategy

1. Keywords Research
2. Research traffic
3. Evaluate Competition
4. Assess commerciality
5. Onsite optimisation tweaking and testing
6. Offsite Optimisation (link building and link acquisitions)
7. Keyword Assessment Tracking, Testing and implementing on-going
8. Repeat the above until conversion rate is high


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