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When it comes to internet advertising, new media marketing, online advertising or website marketing the internet provides a sea of advertising options for small businesses but in truth finding the right options particularly ones which works and provide strong conversions will still require experimenting, testing and evaluated. The good news is, you can reach millions of people at a fraction of the cost and there are many inexpensive and effective options.

The most effective marketing tactics for online conversions

As found by the Ad Effectiveness Survey was commissioned by Forbes Media in their 2009 report. In order of effectiveness:

1. Search Engine optimisation (find out more about SEO)

2. Email Advertising (find out more about email advertising)

3. Search Engine Marketing pay per click

4. Behavioural Targeting

5. Site and page sponsorship

6. Viral marketing

7. Ad networks

8. Pay per impression

9. Video ads

Other popular advertising tactic's include:

  • Social Media twitter Facebook Myspace
  • VIP's - Web portals - Web Directories
  • Blogs - Articles
  • Banner advertising

Search Engine marketing

Search engine marketing or pay per click is one of the most popular options at the moment, this is an auction style platform and biding for keywords and phrases is required, consequently this option can be expensive and traffic results can be manipulated or convoluted, however, if you get your pay per click marketing campaign right, this form of web advertising is delivering excellent results.

VIP's, Web Portals & Online Directories

High traffic sites, online directories and portals are worth investigating as they provide good brand exposure and will supply a good source of traffic (back linking) to your site which the search engines like. Choose sites which have a synergy and similar theme of interest.

Vertical Information Portal Advertising works with conventional internet advertising platforms but implements links or landing page advertising and SEO based initiatives by creating specific editorial content based on the Advertiser's traffic needs. This is can be a powerful advertising option.

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Banner Advertising

In the world of internet advertising or online advertising much has evolved beyond banner advertising which has been a popular option in the past. Banner ads have been one of the most reliable forms of web advertising from the inception of the internet. Banner advertising still have a place when it comes to website advertising options. Banners ads are effective when you choose relevant and high traffic website, portals or directories particularly sites which appeal and target your potential markets or niche and sub niche markets. Banner ads can also support off page optimisation and contribute to link build strategies.


YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Foursquare Podcasts


  • Facebook - The largest social network with over 500 million users.
  • Twitter - The fastest growing social network.
  • LinkedIn - The largest network of active and influential professionals.
  • YouTube is the largest online video network and claims to have one of the largest online audiences.
  • Foursquare watch out for one of the youngest social networks.
  • Podcast Advertising audio and video files stored on the internet. You can receive automatic Podcast from your favourite site but will need an RSS aggregator.

If you are looking at social media marketing to promote your products and services it is important to understand that social networks are about the word itself "Social". Bombard your social network or community with irritating and useless advertising will weaken their level of interest and your credibility.

When it comes to social media marketing, truth be known, no one cares about you unless you care about them.

The key to social media marketing is information and entertainment both must engage, stimulate interest and interaction for an on-going supportive following.

The downside to Social media marketing is that it takes time, creativity and requires social writing and communication skills to build an audience and then you may be lucky if half your audience show up. On the other hand some people are making sales, therefore, done well, it will pay dividends.

Business Blogs & articles

Businesses now have the opportunity to communication directly to their customers, the public, business partners and their staff, through blogs and articles. Small businesses are still taking some time to embrace this as many see blogging and article deployment as a time consuming exercise and one which they are finding difficult to incorporate into their already busy schedules.

This form of online marketing has many benefits:-

  • It is search engine friendly.
  • Your business appears accessible and authoritative.
  • It is a great form if brand exposure.
  • It builds relationships.
  • Enable you to gain an insight into your customers.
  • It is a fast and efficient way to get a message out to you market and the public.
  • An effective back linking strategy.

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Creative without strategy is called "Art" creative with strategy is called "Advertising"

Most successful business owners understand the value and on-going need for creativity in business and more so in advertising and marketing.

95% of marketing is based on the creative idea, 5% is the science. Having an understanding of the science can fast track your success. But remember:

"The best ad is a good product"

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