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“If your business is not exploring “Internet Marketing Opportunities” it is just a matter of time
before your business will be affected”

“More importantly, you are missing out on an amazing business opportunity."

What is Internet Marketing?

The key to effective Internet Marketing is to understand the methodology of how your target market is looking for you and what they need and do once they have found what they are looking for.

Initially people just don’t care about you; they are only interested in what they need. However, once they find what they are looking for, then they need information on you and they need to be motivated to respond.

- Search Engine Optimisation
- Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)
- Social networks (LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter & Face book)
- Social bookmarking (Digg, RSS feeds)
- Blogs & Articles - email marketing.
- Online directories, portals, hubs
- And PR Online are just some of the internet marketing solutions available.

Businesses In the past had the choice of two forms of advertising “Directional and Creative”. The objective for competitive businesses was to develop a productive and persuasive media mix. Finding this mix however, can take time, money and skills to get the mix right. And for many small businesses investing in TV, Radio and some magazine is just too expensive and out of their advertising budget.

Nevertheless, most business understands the values of advertising, but in spite of this attempting to evaluate their advertising spend and knowing what works can be difficult. On average, 50% of your advertising spend will be working for you, however, you need to invest 100% of your budget to ensure that 50% of your spend will work and deliver a “Return on Investment”.

Today businesses have the choice of a new player THE INTERNET (New media marketing) which combines both directional and creating advertising and marketing principals. The combination of these two principals can be powerful and has unlimited potential.. now and in the future. Internet Marketing is growing at an astonishing rate and is now at your finger tips (PC, laptops, Mobile phone, i-phone and Television etc) and access to information, products and services is available 247, which is why 70.8% of the Australian population are now using the internet to research information, source, order or buy online.

Internet Marketing has replaced the traditional 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion With the 4 C’s marketing model: Consumer, cost, convenience and communication.

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Directional advertising includes:

  • Yellow pages
  • Local news papers
  • Industry directories
  • Industry specific magazine (wedding magazines etc)
  • THE INTERNET - Google - MSN(Bing) - Yahoo - Yellow Pages Online - etc.

The searcher looks for many things location, price, special offers, what’s on sale, range, expertise, brands, product range etc. They need variety and a choice of products and services that will appeals to and suits their needs.

For the advertisers, directional advertising offers an opportunity to develop advertisements that will produce a direct response and their aim is to ultimately increase new business opportunities. Directional advertising, particularly print has been drastically affected by the emergence of the INTERNET and Google is their dominate competitor approximately 90.3% of the western world search Google as their first preference.

Google are the leaders in online search. Directional advertising mediums are working towards a better online service and research is indicating that long term there will be growth for many of these services Yellow Pages, Local
directories, Trading Post etc.

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Creative advertising includes:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Main stream magazine – Vogue – Woman’s weekly
  • National and State Newspapers – Sydney Morning
  • Herald - The Age – The Herald Sun
  • THE INTERNET - Well branded portals; EBay - Amazon - Travel websites - Gum tree - etc.

What is directional advertising?

Directional Advertsing

Traditionally, when a consumer is looking for a product or service and they do not know who to contact, the consumer will turned to a directional form of advertising to find a product or service. (Yellow Pages, Local newspapers, etc). Internet marketing is similar to directional marketing in this respect. If a searcher does not have a business name in mind, he will search for the product or service by name organically.

In the past and as a matter of course for those businesses who do not advertising in directional mediums they can expect to lose approximately 10% of their existing clients to other businesses who advertising aggressively. Today, with consumers now using the internet and in particular Google to search, a business can lose their existing clients at a rapid rate and will lose far more than 10%. Directional advertising is critical to hold on to your existing clients and develop new business opportunities.

What is Creative advertising?

Creative Advertising

Creative advertising creates a desire to purchase; it will build brand exposure and generate product awareness.

Creative Advertising requires experience, strategic and creative skills and can be a costly investment. On the other hand well thought-out and persuasive campaigns can build brand exposure, product awareness and deliver a high level of instant responses during the campaign ideally converting to sales. Nevertheless, for many small businesses Creative Advertising is just far too costly and out of their reach. Frequency and timing together with compelling advertising messages are essential for effective results and require the skills and experience of industry professionals.

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