If you are not in front of your potential customers search ...How can they find you? The answer is they can’t.

If I am looking for your product or service and I do not know your business name ..... how would I find your product or service?

SEO Content Solution

In Australia alone there are over 8 million searches on Google every day and growing.

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70.8% of the Australian population are now using the Internet to research and source information, products and service.

93% of people who use Google and other search engines stay on the front page.

How to get on the front page of Google?

How to get on the front page of Google

Before you think about "How to get on the front page of Google"?

It would be wise to evaluate your online business objectives/goals and then develop an internet advertising and marketing solution which will support your business objectives. Many companies promise you traffic but once you get traffic, the searcher must have a user experience, your content and message therefore must be useful, informative and compelling. Remember, the purpose of advertising is to get a sale.

Don't get confused!

There are essentially two ways to get on the front page of Google and understanding the differences will give your online business a massive competitive edge

“If you are doing it the same as everyone else, you are doing it wrong”

Most website developers and designers focused on a technical and design perspective which is a fundamental and a necessary part of building a productive website, they will also provide you with basic ON SITE Search Engine Optimisation which they implement on all their websites, however, very few website developers will get involved in your content (which is fundamental to Search Engine Optimisation) so, the question to ask yourself, is:

How will this basic SEO implementation enable my website to appear on the front page of Google? Will it ensure a steady flow of traffic? How will it contribute to developing further traffic growth? And:   How will it give my business a competitive edge?

If new business enquires and acquisitions are at the core of your website strategy it would be wise to engage the skills of an experienced SEO, internet marketing and advertising professional.

Alternatively, it would be beneficial to discuss your “Search Engine Optimisation” and “Content Strategy” with your website developer and obtain a brief on what they propose.

Once you have the brief, give us a call, the difference is compelling.

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