Search Engine Optimisation listed as the number 1 most effective tactic for
online conversions...

Followed by Email Marketing and Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click., as found in the Ad Effectiveness study; by Forbes Media 2009 study.

Welcome to Internet Advertising and Marketing Solutions we hope you enjoy the information provided, we have outlined all you need to know about online marketing and listed all our services,  However, should you need to speak with a marketing consultant please complete the contact us form, we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

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As the most effective tactic for online conversions "Search Engine Optimisation" is essential for any business today. If protecting your existing market or generating new business enquiries is at the core of your online strategy, it is critical... More


If your business is not exploring internet marketing it is just a matter of time before your business will be affected. More importantly you are missing out on an amazing business opportunity. The key to effective Internet marketing...More


An experienced web content writer can analyse data, evaluate competition and commercial opportunities then incorporate creates text and compelling content which will engage and SELL!  The difference between SEO web content writers and... More


When it comes to internet advertising, new media marketing, online advertising or website marketing the internet provides a sea of advertising options for small businesses... More


In Australia along there are over 8 million searches on Google every day and growing.  Investing in Organic Google search will pay dividends.   If you are not in front of your customers search... How can they find you? The answer is... More


When it comes to SEO website design & construction there are 3 essential areas which need to be considered to ensure success and all 3 areas should be incorporated as part of your total package. Your website goals and objectives need to... More

EMAIL Marketing

Outside of Search Engine Optimisation, email advertising/marketing is the next-most-effective conversion tactic for small marketers.  Email advertising and e-newsletter directed to loyal customers if done well will still deliver... More


Success can be established by staying abreast of the constant changes particularly the Google algorithm which is fundamental to Search Engine Optimisation... More

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Internet advertising and Marketing Solutions in conjunction with Internet Puzzle Pty Ltd bring the experience of their 3 associate directors who provide over 75 years collective experience in advertising and marketing, sales management, publishing, copywriting, directories and SEO website design and construction. We offer a consultative and personalised approach to all our projects. We focus on ROI and are results driven and our success is based on our client's success.

With this experience... We offer more!

We offer many years and extensive experience dealing with small to medium size businesses and we speak in simple terms, conscious of industry jargon and as part of our ongoing association with our clients we offer free additional business marketing support and advice.If protecting your existing market and developing new business is at the core of your websites objectives we invite you to contact us.  We will provide you with a complimentary review and position of your business, products or services in relation to your will be surprised at what we find.

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